Computer Connection specializes in Repair, Service, and Networking.


     Network Set Up / Configuration / Repair: We provide network setup, configuration, and repair. Our network engineer is Microsoft certified and has several years of experience in the IT industry. Chances are if you have a network or need one set up our technican has worked with your situation and can help you meet your needs.

     On-Site Computer /IT Service: Whether it's a network that needs attention, a computer that you do not want to move, or a faulty printer that you are having difficulty connecting to your network let use know what your needs are and we will tell you how we can help you. We have over 15 years of combined computer and IT experience.

     Cyber Center Computer Use: We have computers available for your use. Please see Hours and rates for more information on pricing,etc.

Instruction : Our staff can help you wih instruction on certain programs, applications, and how to do specific tasks with a computer. Ask how we can help you..


Hours and Rates

Hours Mon - Fri  9 - 6 Sat  10 - 4  
Shop Rates Shop rates $45.00 per hour On-site $75.00 per hour Out of town Travel fees are additional  
Computer Use Fees Minimum (up to 1/2 hour) $3.50 Hourly $6 5 Hours $22 10 Hours $30 15 Hours $40
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Contact Info: *Phone (208) 734-7742    *Fax (208) 733-9288